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Financial consumers are now engaging across more channels and in more different ways than ever before, against a background of increasing competition, regulation and funding challenges.  In such an environment, a deep understanding of your customers and the markets in which you operate is widely recognised as critical to success.
We know that consumers’ financial behaviour is driven by a range of dimensions. Lifestage and affluence remain fundamental. However for effective planning you need richer understanding than lifestage and affluence alone can offer. You need to look at channel usage to plan both digital assets and your branch network, at attitudes for proposition development and at value to plan how to use your resources to best effect.
Fresco is CACI’s most powerful financial services segmentation. It brings all of these dimensions together into a single segment code at individual level, which can be applied to both your customers and the market as a whole. Fresco is the vocabulary your business needs to succeed in the complex environment we operate in.

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Segmentation Overview

The segmentation divides the adult population into 12 segments, 51 sub-segments and 124 micro segments.  Each segment is described in detail focussing on financial product purchases and holdings, value of those products, critical information on relevant attitudes, channel behaviour and of course demographics.