What Can Fresco Do For Me?

What can Fresco do for me?

Fresco’s ability to divide UK consumers into discrete and clearly defined groups provides organisations with a universal vocabulary with which to describe both customers and the market place. Fresco can be used both for strategic and tactical planning in a wide range of different applications including customer strategy, branch planning and management, prospect targeting and product development.

Use Fresco now

    Developing an on-boarding process for potential premium customers

    We worked with one bank to identify those new to bank customers who might qualify for “premium” banking. They were then put into a tailored on-boarding process.

    Building in Depth Understanding

    One major UK bank, with disparate business units, used Fresco to develop in-depth customer pen portraits incorporating data from both CACI and the bank’s own customer databases. This was then loaded to an intranet site providing easy to access insight and a common vocabulary across the Bank.

    Targeting the best prospects

    One of the UK’s leading life businesses overlays Fresco onto both customers and CACI’s Ocean database of 40 million individuals. This has assisted them to increase the impact of their acquisition marketing by providing a UK-wide picture of consumers, linked to their target types.