What is Fresco?

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Fresco users have full and unrestricted access to the detailed data behind each segment, key graphs and charts and an image library.

Use Fresco now

What is Fresco?

Fresco is the UK’s leading individual level Financial Services Segmentation that groups the entire UK adult population into:
12 segments
51 sub segments
124 micro-segments


Fresco uses the richness of data from IPSOS’s Financial Research Survey and CACI’s wealth of data on the UK population. The data includes:

  • Product holding of all financial products
  • Financial attitudes
  • Channel usage for both opening accounts and management
  • Savings and investment values
  • Credit behaviour including card spending, loans and mortgages
  • House values
  • Personal income
  • Lifestyle data including hobbies, holidays and shopping behaviour
  • Digital behaviour beyond financial services
The development of Fresco draws on CACI’s expertise in creating both off the shelf and bespoke segmentation products as well as our expertise in the financial services market. CACI have developed segmentation tools for clients from Lloyds Banking Group to Nationwide Building Society to Principality Building Society. The combination of regularly updated insight and regularly updated information about consumers means that Fresco’s ability to describe and target remains accurate and relevant as the consumer and market develop in coming years.

How is Fresco better?

Classifying Individuals within Households

Fresco is coded at an individual level, as individuals within households often run their finances in significantly different ways and choose different channels for different products. It is not simply a gender split, For example many young working people are forced by the current economy to live with their parents. They are likely to have very different needs and product holdings than their parents and thus need to be addressed by you in different ways. Similarly in some older households, women are likely to be less involved in financial decisions and product holdings than men. The individual nature of Fresco means we can identify and help you target all of these individuals.


Linking To Other CACI Tools

Driven by our customers’ channel management challenges, CACI has developed forecasts for channel usage using new Fresco. These enable you to understand by segment how the usage of various channels will develop over the next 5-10 years. We see this as a fundamental building block to work on channel strategy in the future but also as a key input for your channel investment decisions.


Balancing Coding Accuracy and Market Insight

Our approach blends pragmatism with innovation. For example unlike other off the shelf segmentation tools, Fresco includes the option of using a combination of your data and CACI data to ensure that customers are coded accurately. For example where you have data on marital status, income or date of birth, we can use it and include it in the coding process. In effect with Fresco you get the best of both worlds, it’s based on real data on your customers where available but also has all of the collateral and wider insight into the market offered by an off the shelf product.

How is Fresco Built?

CACI are at the forefront of segmentation development. Our 2014 ACORN was described by independent experts as revolutionising geo-demographics. We have a particular focus on financial services where our segmentation tools are used by many retails banks, building societies, life, pensions and insurance companies.

We have a strong focus on combining excellent base data and deep statistical expertise with a focus on what really matters to our clients and their customers. This means our segmentation tools like Fresco combine real insight into customers and markets with a pragmatic approach making them simple to apply and understand.

    What data goes into Fresco?

    Fresco brings together the wealth of financial services data from IPSOS Financial Research Survey (FRS), with CACI’s base demographic and lifestyle data.

    We (and our clients) believe that the FRS is the best source of research data into the financial services behaviour of the UK. It surveys the products holdings, value, behaviour and attitudes of 65,000 individuals. CACI then enhances this with our wide range of demographic, lifestyle, hobbies and digital behaviour data.

    How is Fresco kept up to date?

    CACI update the underlying FRS and lifestyle data on an annual basis. We also update regular quarterly reviews of the market and will introduce new and relevant data to describe the segments on an annual basis. For example in this latest build we have incorporated a wide range of on-line behavioural data.

    How can Fresco be applied to my customers?

    Fresco is matched onto your customer file at an individual level using CACI’s Matching Services and key customer data fields such as name and address.

    In addition CACI’s matching services allow us to take advantage of further data you may hold on customers to deliver more accurate coding than any other off-the-shelf segmentation. For example, where you have actual dates of birth, or gender these can be used to tighten up segment allocation. There is also an on-line coding tool for smaller files.